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DestinyDrivenLife Coaching is dedicated to providing one-on-one and group life, career and leadership coaching services.

For those who have a desire to reach their full potential for personal development, career and relationship success, the goal is not to “fix” or cure, but to challenge and empower.

We help our client identify, create, and execute breakthrough ideas to build a life strategy that incorporates their values and their passion.


The Power of Focus


Preparing for a visual exam intimidates me!

No, really. I am quite near-sighted, with a large dose of astigmatism. In fact, lately I’ve noticed that my night vision is not as good as it used to be. I suspect it’s time for an eye exam. I’ll be asked to view the eye chart and read the last line that I can clearly see. I suspect it will be the second line from the top! Continue Reading

Convey Your Confidence

Are you doing a good job of communicating your confidence and competence to others?

How often do you give yourself the credit you deserve? Somehow, you may have been raised to believe that thinking and speaking well of yourself meant that you were arrogant, prideful — a braggart. When asked to reveal your accomplishments, do you minimize them or give credit to others?Certainly, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging Continue Reading

SHUT UP! Silence The Negative Dialogue

Are you in the last stages of completing a personally significant objective in your life, but being criticized by your inner dialogue?  Applying for a new position in your office or seeking a new job opportunity? Graduating from college? Writing or publishing your first book? Launching your new business?   Buying your first home? Are there personal objectives that you are working on, but perhaps have been unable to maintain

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I don’t know about you, but I completed a lot of projects last year, but during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays seemed to focus on spending time with family and having fun!  (which had its own rewards!!)  Now, that the New Year has begun, there is no time like the present to chart a new course of action.  I’ve decided to go for broke.  I’ve decided to “ball out” in 2017!  Wait – I don’t mean throwing dollar bills on someone to impress others.  Please let me explain.

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Facts And Figure About Idyllic

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